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State Service Project

Arizona FCCLA encourages our members to engage with the national service project, Lead4Change. Click here to learn more.

Monthly Chapter Community Service 

The 2023–2024 State Executive Council is excited to engage chapters this year in monthly community service projects. Individuals who participate in at least three different monthly projects and post their service on social media can be recognized at the 2024 State Leadership Conference. 

1. Participate in at least three different service themes (three different months).

2. Post how you followed that monthly theme to better your community and tag @arizonafccla.

3. By March 15, 2024, complete the monthly community service form explaining which months you participated in and provide proof. 

2023–2024 Themes

Sustainability September: Help clean up around your community, encourage and participate in recycling practices, and create activities to keep your community clean and green! 

Opportunity October: Open up an opportunity for your chapter by volunteering through organizations in your community! Join them in games, events, activities, and more! 

Necessity November: Donate and collect necessities for your community! Donations can include clothes, books, toiletries, food, blood, and much more!   

Design for December: Inspire and contribute to your community by using your creativity! Decorate snack bags, create murals, and so much more!  

Guidance January: Educate and provide learning experiences for your community members! 

Fundraising February: Create a fundraiser for a community cause you believe in! Donate some of your earnings to help reach your community goals!  

March for a Cause: Volunteer with a local community organization, or an organization that you believe can help better your community! 

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