State Executive Council Elections

Candidates, Advisers and Voting Delegates should review all information found on this page in order to ensure a successful election process.

2022 State Executive Council Elections Guide - A comprehensive guide to the election process written for candidates.

2022–2023 State Executive Council / Adviser Handbook - This handbook is full of information essential to the 2022–2023 State Executive Council and their advisers. Elected officers and their advisers are expected to be familiar with the handbook.

2022 State Officer Candidate Application - The SOC application is a combination of releases and support forms and a tool for determining a candidate's eligibility and qualifications. The application must be received in hand by February 6, 2022, at the state office.

2022 SOC Intent to Run Form - This form must be completed by all State Officer Candidates. This provides the State Office with basic contact information and ensures they know to expect your application in the mail.

2022 Campaign Policy

2022 Speech Topic - This speech is delivered to the voting delegates during the Business and Recognition Session at the 2021 State Leadership Conference. As a reminder, this is a two (2) minute, memorized speech. 

"The State Executive Council (SEC) works as a team throughout the year on many projects, initiatives, and presentations with each SEC member contributing skills and qualities to the team. Describe the leadership skills and personal qualities that you will contribute to the team to help the SEC have a successful year."