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Next Level Leadership

Arizona FCCLA is excited to offer Next Level Leadership, a leadership development program unique to Arizona FCCLA. This program is designed to provide all members with leadership training and experience they may not usually have access to. Next Level Leadership is offered at the Fall Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference. Members that successfully complete the program will be recognized with a personalized certificate and lapel pin. Preregistration is required at both the Fall Leadership Conference and State Leadership Conference.

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Networking 101

Offered at the 2019 Fall Leadership Conference

This course will provide members with networking skills to be successful when applying for jobs and maintaining them. The first part of this course will discuss how to properly network in face-to-face interactions while covering basic public speaking skills. The second part of this course will review tools to prepare members to market themselves to employers using online social media platforms. Social media has significantly changed the way that employers and coworkers interact with one another during the hiring process and beyond. Make sure to stay one step ahead of your competition by attending these one of a kind leadership workshops. This course consists of Part 1: In Person Networking for Career Success and Part 2: Online Networking for Career Success.