Arizona FCCLA

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National FCCLA Scholarships 


  •     Beth Middleton Memorial Scholarship

  •     Coleene Jossy Memorial Scholarship

  •     Frank W.H. Fort Civic Engagement/Leadership Scholarship

  •     Jossey-Bass Leadership Scholarship

  •     National Technical Honor Society Scholarships

  •     Prestige Scholarship

  •     Raye Virginia Allen State President's Scholarship

  •     Wiley Publishing, Inc. Scholarship




Arizona State University - Leadership Scholarship Program


The Leadership Scholarship Program (LSP) recognizes outstanding high school graduating seniors who have achieved excellence in leadership and service. Established in 1977 to develop exceptional leadership skills among promising scholars, this program has a long-standing history at Arizona State University. More than a scholarship program, students become integral members of the university community. Students are given many opportunities to discover more about themselves, the leadership skills they possess, and explore the opportunities and responsibilities of leadership. During their freshmen year, students are enrolled in two leadership courses and assigned a mentor. In addition, the program allows incoming freshmen to be connected to faculty, staff and upper class students as soon as they begin their journey at ASU. As sophomores, juniors and seniors, students are afforded the opportunity to continue to develop as leaders by taking part in service projects, joining student organizations and starting their own initiatives. Click here for the Application Information.

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