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2019-2020 Annual Chapter Submission Form

Every adviser must complete this form and submit it to the Arizona FCCLA State Office.  This form is only completed ONCE per school year - at the beginning of the school year - and verifies that each attending student has completed the Comprehensive Consent Form. The Arizona FCCLA staff will verify receipt of this form prior to accepting registration to any conference, event, activity or meeting that involves students. Advisers: Keep your students' Comprehensive Consent Form on-hand at each conference.  Do NOT send copies to the Arizona FCCLA office.


Adviser Resource Book

This resource book covers all of the information that any adviser should know when affiliated with Arizona FCCLA. It contains contact information, a calendar of events, information and facts, and competitive events.


Chapter Manual

This is an excellent resource from the National Office to use in your everyday lives when running a chapter.


Chapter Affiliation Instructions

In order to make sure you are following all the right steps when affiliating, whether you are new or returning, you can refer to these instructions.


Arizona FCCLA Consent Form

This form must be completed for each member in order to attend any Arizona FCCLA conference. Please do not send any copies of this form to Arizona FCCLA.


Sample Constitution and Bylaws

Use this as a guide when developing your chapters bylaws.


National Membership Page

This will take you directly to the membership page on the national website.

Chapter Portal